The Squonk (deaf_dumb_blind) wrote in townshendlove,
The Squonk

I'm a long-time Who fan and Pete Townshend is my favorite member of the band.  Sure, Daltrey had the rock voice, but when Pete sings, it gives you chills!  He has one of the coolest voices ever!  Plus, he was a damn good songwriter as well.  This is a point for fans of The Who in general, I have a Community dedicated to The Who called thewhosellout and I figured people might be interested in joining.  We're pretty loose about membership and posting, and we're also desperate for membership.  But anyhow, Townshend rules!  He once made this statement about Michael Moore's (at the time) latest documentary:  

"I had not really been convinced with Bowling For Columbine and had been worried about its accuracy.  Moore will have to work very, very hard to convince me that a man with a camera is going to change the world more effectively than a man with a guitar."

Come on!  How can you beat this?  This guy's my hero!  Plus, he was the greatest guitarist ever!  People tell me about Jimi Hendrix...Pete would blow Hendrix out of the water!  I heard somewhere that Pete participated in some world championship guitarist competition once against the best classical guitarists, and it was kept under wraps that he won.  If anyone knows more about this...

Anyhow, that's my piece.

Peace, people.

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