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Why don't they make men like this anymore?!!

When I looked at this, I literally got a shiver down my spine.

oh mama!

Also, for those who haven't see it yet: is a good site about Pete. It's not finished yet, but it's already a better read than Behind Blue Eyes.

I really can't get over this man.
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Oh my God.

I'm literally salivating uncontrollably right now. *shiver*

I plan to remake my wardrobe this summer, complete with ascots and cravats and shift dresses and paisley print and ruffles. If we get others to do this, we may start a fashion revolution.
We may indeed.
that is a NICE picture.... wow :) awesome outfit!
I know. Even more awesome is the bloke wearing it! ;-)
Why can't I see the picture, does my computer just not work??